How we started DevOps in #komercka


We do DevOps. No BizDevOps nor DevSecOps or another combination of these words. We’re thinking about DevOps like all the departments would be in. Business, Security, Architecture, QA, Operations, etc. DevOps is just a word for our culture of better cooperations and shared goals.

Our DevOps Goals

Goals are important. It’s something everyone should follow and should constantly check their own daily work to see if their work really pursues goals. Never underestimate the power of goals that leads to your vision. Without goals, everyone does some job the best they can, but one day you just realize that sometimes people fighting against each other because they have different goals. And that’s why big corporations are so ineffective because it’s difficult to manage goals for all of the people. That’s why I personally love and use SMART goals as personal goals for my managers and why I love OKR, which we use in KB on the company level.

Lead time for changes

Deployment Frequency

Mean time to recovery

Change Failure Rate


Of course, I didn’t mention a lot of other work that is contributing to the main goals. As DevOps governance, measuring our DevOps journey, the work with other IT departments and Business people. The key vision for us is still delivering sustainable products instead of projects reliably and our vision that the only way how to achieve long-term production availability alongside short time to market is LEAN practices, Theory of Constraints, Continuous work on improvements and our ability to change fast and fail fast.



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